2018 G412 Leadership Development Application

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G412 "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity."

1 Timothy 4:12

G412 is a leadership development program for young people who want to develop leadership skills in their life, go deeper in their relationship with Jesus, and get equipped to work effectively with children, whether at JOY or in a variety of settings. Inspired by 1 Timothy 4:12, our goal is to challenge and train young people to live out their faith in such a way that transforms their world.

G412 is a one-week program during Girl's Adventure Camp that provides the opportunity to learn and grow in cabin-leading and personal skills. It replaces our former LIT program.

Dates: 1 week, August 11-18, 2018

Ages: 13-15

Cost: $210 plus applicable taxes ($35 discount if registered as camper at Jr. or Sr. Youth)

Girls Camp Directors: Michael & Cheryl Hodgson 

The Process:

  1. Complete this application. Be sure to read carefully “Expectations for G412 Participants” below. DO NOT send any money now.
  2. Find 2 references; someone who can attest to your character. Provide them with a link to the “G412 Leadership Development Reference Form” in an email. ***(Returning applicants require 1 reference)***
    Reference form link: https://joybiblecamp.sunergo.net/2018G412ref
  3. There will be an interview process, likely by phone to be scheduled by JOY Staff.
  4. On acceptance, you’ll receive an invoice and medical form to send back with payment, and some more details about the curriculum.

Expectations for G412 Participants

You need to commit to these simple guidelines in order to get the most out of your G412 experience. Serious deviation from them can result in dismissal from program. Please give these prayerful and careful consideration.

Commitment to Christ

  • desire to grow in your Christian journey
  • recognizing yourself and others as made in God’s image and indwelt by God’s Holy Spirit
  • desire to live by standards expressed in the Bible for our attitudes, speech, and actions

What this looks like:

  • daily bible learning, both individually and in a group setting
  • growing in other Christian disciplines such as prayer, bible memorization, journaling, sharing your faith
  • respecting self ‐ eating properly; getting adequate rest; dressing modestly – no undergarments showing, modest bathing suits
  • respecting others – no kind of abusive behaviour; respecting others’ property and privacy; using appropriate language – no put‐downs, crude jokes, profanity
  • maintaining Christian standards in how you express yourself on social media such as Facebook and YouTube – before and after camp

Commitment to Learning

  • Express a willingness to be actively engaged in discussions, workshops, and hands‐on learning, and to experience new things outside of your comfort zone

What this looks like:

  • participating fully in the program, being willing to try new things
  • being on time for all sessions and activities
  • eliminating distractions from your life for this period such as media, cell phones, I‐pods, internet
  • refrain from pursuing any romantic relationships while at JOY

Submission to Leadership

  • to honour all leadership at JOY, both in the 412 program and other camp leadership

What this looks like:

  • showing respect to leaders in speech and attitude
  • having a good attitude when asked to help in any area of camp life
  • honouring camp guidelines such as curfews, respect for property, staying out of living spaces of opposite sex, not being alone with members of opposite sex out of full view of others
  • no illegal behaviours – eg. smoking, drinking, substance abuse
  • respecting other boundaries that may be set from time‐to‐time as deemed necessary for your health or the camp program – eg. earlier curfew

G412 Application

Personal Information

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Returning Applicant Questions

New Applicant Questions

Criminal Background Check

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As a part of our acceptance process, we require the completion of the online "G412 Leadership development reference Form" from an adult who can attest to your character. Examples of suitable candidates to complete your reference form would be a mentor or a leader you have worked under or volunteered for. References should not be completed by family members. Please give the name and contact information for the two references to whom you will be sending the link for the Reference Form.

***(Returning applicants require 1 reference)***

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  1. I have read and understand the “Expectations for 412 Applicants”, and agree to conduct myself in accordance with those principles and standards.
  2. I am in good physical condition and able to participate in a full camp program.
  3. I authorize JOY Bible Camp to collect and store the information contained in this application and retain that information in accordance with JOY’s privacy policy. I waive my right to access a copy of the references or background checks obtained by the camp in connection with my application.
  4. I consent to Joy Bible Camp using a photographic or video image of me for the camp’s promotional purposes.
  5. I confirm that all of the information provided in this application is complete and true.