2018 Senior Youth Volunteer Application

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Senior Youth Camp

Coed Ages 15yrs-18yrs 

August 25 - September 1, 2018

Directors: Tyler & Allie Hyndman

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Camp & Other Volunteer Experience

Background Check

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Vulnerable Sector Screening and Police Checks: Successful applicants 18-25 years of age will be required to provide a Police Check every three years. Those over 25 years of age will need to complete Vulnerable Sector Screening every five years. Joy is using www.mybackcheck.com as a no-cost-to-you service for Police Checks; the procedure will be forwarded to you upon acceptance.


Please provide the name and contact information for the three* references to whom you will later forward the link to the online Reference Form.

*If you are a returning applicant, only one reference is required

Copy the link for Volunteer Reference Form:


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Program Involvement

Statement of Beliefs and Character

For 70 years, Joy Bible Camp has existed for the purpose of introducing people to Jesus Christ and encouraging them in their relationship with Him. All of our facilities and programs are designed to serve that purpose, in the beautiful natural setting that God has blessed us with.

Statement of Beliefs:

  • The Trinity – We believe God exists eternally in 3 persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All were involved in the creation of this world and of mankind in their image.
  • The Lord Jesus – We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and was also fully man when He walked on earth. He lived a sinless life. He died for our sins, was buried, and rose again. We believe Jesus is the only mediator between mankind and God. He will come again to gather His church, wrap up history, and defeat Satan.
  • Salvation – We believe that mankind is spiritually dead and unable to do anything to earn its own salvation. All men and women are sinners. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ and is a gift of God’s grace which we cannot earn through any human effort.
  • The Holy Spirit – We believe that the Holy Spirit convinces mankind of its need for God and facilitates our spiritual rebirth. The Holy Spirit lives inside believers to enable them to live a godly life.
  • The Bible – We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, is without mistake or contradiction in its original documents, and is our guide and final authority for our faith and behaviour.
  • Life after death – We believe that all mankind will live forever –- those who have faith in Jesus Christ will live in the presence of God in heaven, and those who have not accepted Him will be eternally banned from His presence.
  • The Church – The church universal is made up of all believers in Jesus Christ. All believers should be committed to a local fellowship for the purpose of growth and encouragement, and to practice regularly the Lord’s Supper, as Christ commanded.

Statement of Character:

Because our staff and cabin leaders are representatives of Jesus Christ and Joy Bible Camp both while serving at camp and throughout the year, we ask that you conduct yourself in accordance with Biblical principles that reflect godly character and respect for your body as indwelt by God’s Holy Spirit:

  • Speech and actions that honour God and others – this includes all representations of yourself and Joy Bible Camp on the internet, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Sexual purity – avoidance of all forms of harassment and abuse; abstaining from all sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage.
  • Avoiding all forms of substance abuse and addiction – alcohol, illegal and prescription drugs, tobacco; addictive behaviours such as gambling.
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Abuse/Harassment Prevention Policy

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved in Christian ministry at Joy Bible Camp. However, with this privilege comes responsibility. There is a responsibility of all involved to embody the principles they teach (James 3:1). Therefore, it is imperative that the highest level of moral behaviour be observed by all involved in this ministry (Ephesians 5:3-10). It is with this in mind that the following guidelines are given. Our desire is to prevent any abusive behaviour from occurring, and to do all that is possible to avoid false allegations from being made. This policy covers all those in a position of authority: camp staff (both full time and part time), program directors, senior and junior cabin leaders and LITs, camp support staff and any other lead team or program team members.

All camp workers must sign a consent form indicating that they have read and understand this policy. They must also agree to adhere to the policies outlined. Each worker will receive a copy and an additional copy will be retained on file with the Camp Administrator. Legal guardians of those under the age of 18 also need to sign in acknowledgement of this policy.


1. Joy Bible Camp will not tolerate sexual, emotional or physical abuse of campers or staff. The Camp Administrator must be informed immediately of suspected offenders. In support of the Ontario Human Rights Code, all staff and guests can expect Joy Bible Camp to be free of:

  • suggestive language and comments made to them directly or indirectly;
  • sexual solicitation or advances made by any and all members of staff inclusive of administration, management and program personnel;
  • unwanted sexual references and innuendo made directly or indirectly.

 All staff and guests can also expect:

  • that their privacy will be protected and respected by all employees at all times;
  • support for complaints filed against any employee who violates the policy;
  • support of the administration for filing a complaint under the Ontario Human Rights Code should it be required.

2. Each cabin must have a minimum of two cabin leaders assigned. No one-on-one encounters shall take place in a cabin or any other closed room. Short periods of time where one leader is out of the cabin leaving the other supervising are acceptable, however measures should be taken to communicate the need to another leader and leave doors open for further accountability until the other leader returns.

3. At least two adults shall be present for all overnight activities. There should always be a sufficient number of adults in attendance so that not only are the campers supervised, but the adults are accountable as well.

4. Staff quarters and cabins are strictly off limits to those of the opposite sex. The only exceptions to this are: daily cabin inspections, repairs by maintenance staff, and occasional visits by the program director(s) or representative.

5. We do not have the authority to administer physical punishment. Physical restraint can only be used in a situation where the individual’s own safety or the safety of another person is at risk.

6. Some children do seek attention and a hug may be good therapy for them, however, this should only occur when other adults are present. No child shall be inappropriately touched, and within those expectations physical contact of any kind should only take place if welcomed by the camper.

7. No person shall be assigned duties that would involve them working with a member of the opposite sex (other than their spouse), in an area not immediately accessible by other adults.


If you have good reason to believe you are dealing with an abused child, remember that it is the legal duty of every adult to report any well-founded suspicion of child abuse and the law will protect you against liability for doing so. It is your obligation to report the above whether the incident has occurred at camp or the individual suffered abuse outside of the camp setting. The following process should be followed:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality so that the privacy of the individual is protected.
  • Write down any details of the conversations, observations and/or impressions that led you to the conclusion that the individual has been abused.
  • Report your suspicion to your supervisor/program director. Together, advise the Camp Administrator of your concern and discuss it with him.
  • If after this discussion it seems likely that we are dealing with an abused child it is the Camp Administrator’s responsibility to advise the local authorities (CAS) of the situation.
  • If there is suspicion concerning your supervisor/program director or the Camp Administrator in the incident, make your report to another senior staff member or cabin leader. If the Camp Administrator is under suspicion, report directly to the chairman of the Board of Directors.
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Other Consents:

  1. I authorize Joy Bible Camp to contact the references that I have provided in this application.
  2. I authorize Joy Bible Camp to collect and store the information contained in this application and retain that information in accordance with JOY's Privacy Policy.  
  3. I waive my right to access a copy of the references or background checks obtained by the camp in connection with my application.
  4. I consent to Joy Bible Camp using a photographic or video image of me for the camp’s promotional purposes.
  5. I confirm that the information provided in this application is complete and true.
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