2017 Summer Staff Expectations

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For over 70 years, JOY has carried on its ministry for the purpose of meeting spiritual needs of people of all ages. The Lord has blessed the work here at camp over all those years and we are looking forward to another summer of fun, fellowship and spiritual blessing for all who come to JOY.

We are excited that you have expressed an interest in being a part of the ministry team of JOY for this summer. You have the opportunity to play a vital part in ensuring a safe, successful and harmonious program for the ten weeks of our summer camp program. Your role, in addition to performing the specific tasks assigned to you, will be to create and maintain a pleasant, positive Christian atmosphere by the way you conduct yourself around the campgrounds. We all need a regular reminder that our sole purpose for being at Joy is to serve the Lord and the guests who come to Camp this summer.

What you will read below are formalized guidelines that are meant to clarify many of the expectations we have for our summer staff. Although these seem overly formal, they are important to understand. Staff Leadership has every hope that each and every Summer Staff Member will intend to be respectful of themselves, others around them and of the entire facility of Joy Bible Camp while with us for the summer. In line with this general desire, these guidelines will serve to provide more specific information.


1. Hours of Work -- You will be expected to work approximately 8 hours per day, six days a week. A schedule will be drawn up for days off at the beginning of the summer. Exchange of days off may only be made when there is a mutual agreement between you, another staff member and a department head. During your time off you must advise your supervisor if you plan to leave the campgrounds and sign out at the main office, including going to the rocks or out on the lake for an extended period of time.

2. Pay and Security -- You will be paid in two instalments over the summer session with your final pay coming on your last day of work. Employees will be given an advance of $20.00 weekly to be deducted from their pay cheque at the end of the monthly pay period.

The rate at which you are paid depends on the amount of experience you have with Joy Bible Camp and/or your specific qualifications for that area of employment. Note: We know that receiving a monetary reward for hard work is very important and we make every effort to reward our summer staff financially. We also know that the amount that we reward our summer staff does not, in most cases, compare to what they may make in another environment. With this in mind, we trust that it is not the monetary reward that draws you to employment at Joy, but the opportunity to serve God in this environment. Keeping this focus allows us to remember that our reward is much greater than anything Joy Bible Camp can offer.

We suggest for the purchases you wish to make at the Tuck Shop, that you deposit a suitable amount on a tuck card at the office. Please note that all tuck card charges will be deducted on a weekly basis. Cash and other valuables should be kept in an envelope in the office safe.

3. Equipment -- Staff may make use of available sports and non-motorized waterfront equipment, provided that it does not interfere with the camp program. All program and safety regulations apply to staff. Tools and equipment may not be used without permission and instruction from the department's supervisor.

4. Work Assignments -- You will be assigned specific duties for the summer shortly after you arrive at Camp. A description of your responsibilities will be given to you during your training period. These responsibilities may be changed from time to time as needs arise or abilities emerge. Please keep in mind that Letters of Reference and Recommendations are available and will be based on your personal work habits and performance.


1. Laundry -- Laundry facilities are available to you during your free time free of charge, except Saturday morning change over, during towel change on Wednesdays, during Family Camp and other times the laundry room is closed. You are required to bring your own laundry basket for your own clothes labelled with your name. If you have need for specific detergent due to sensitivities be sure to bring your own. Note: Washers and dryers must be emptied immediately following use. Do not leave clothes in dryer … things go missing and others need to use them too.

2. Accommodation -- Upon arrival at Camp, you will be assigned accommodations for the summer. At no time may you move to a different room without authorization from your dorm supervisor. You must provide your own bedding and linens for a twin bed. Your room must be kept neat and clean, including sinks and toilets, clothes picked up off the floor and garbage emptied daily. Your rooms will be subject to inspection regularly during the summer so they will need to be kept clean throughout the summer. The dorms are strictly off limits to members of the opposite sex and guests including friends and family. During the winter months, your dorms are used as facilities for retreat guests. Due to this, we insist that your accommodations not be altered in any way. This includes avoiding nails or tape on the walls, hanging of foreign materials (i.e. lights, speakers, etc.) and furniture may not be moved without permission. We expect that you will treat and respect “our home” like you would your own – make that your living room, not your bedroom! Likewise, the deck and stair areas at both ends of the dorms are to be kept neat, and free of clutter and clothing.

3. Telephone -- All incoming telephone calls will be received at the office, where a message will be taken and delivered to your supervisor to be distributed at a convenient time. The camp telephones are business phones and are not available for personal use. All outgoing calls must be made at the pay phone, except in the case of an emergency. Our pay phones only take phone cards, call-me cards, etc. Phone cards for $5.00 and $10.00 are available at the main office. The camp phones do not take quarters. Please come prepared for making calls on these phones. Cell phones are allowed at camp but have strict guidelines. See Networked Devices below.

4. Vehicles, power Boats, tools and other equipment -- May only be operated by those who are authorized and have received instruction and/or permission to do so by their supervisor.

5. Mail/Email – As mail/email arrives, it will be passed on to your supervisor for distribution at a convenient time. Even though JBC has access to internet service, we ask that those coming to serve on summer staff do not intend to come to camp with the understanding that you will have unlimited access to your email. Office computers are not available to you for checking your email.

6. Damage – We have been blessed with the facilities, equipment, furniture, etc. here at Joy. We must take care of them to ensure that what we have is, and will be available for time to come. All persons involved will cover any damage done due to negligence or carelessness. (This includes any damage to your dorm.) Please make an extra effort to set an example to both fellow staff and guests. We take pride in the Lord’s provisions here at Joy.

7. Vehicles – (NOTE TO PARENTS) In some cases, staff members have the opportunity to bring a vehicle from home to keep at camp during the summer. We understand the convenience this can bring to both the staff member and their family for days off, trips home, etc. The inconvenience, or the danger, that we have experienced in times past is that one person with a staff vehicle can often be enticed to take other staff into town for trips, activities, etc on their times off. By this privilege, we also inherit the risk. Upon accepting you (or your child) as a staff member, we are accepting responsibility for them while they are on site and under our care. To help us continually maintain these guidelines, we would ask that no staff member bring a vehicle to Joy Bible Camp for their summer work term. Joy Bible Camp is committed to providing access to the community on a weekly basis for all of our staffs needs. Outside of this, we do not see a need for a staff member to have a vehicle here. If a vehicle must be provided onsite for any staff member arriving to camp, regardless of age, the keys must be kept at the main office and permission granted if it is needed to be used at any time throughout the summer. Contact Leon at Joy if further discussion is needed.


1. Meals -- You will be expected to be at all meals served in the Dining Room at 7:20 a.m., 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. daily unless permission has otherwise been granted. Alternate meal times for specific work groups will be communicated. If you are planning to be absent from meals on your day off, you MUST “sign-out” on the meal sheet at the front office. We wish to encourage healthy living while with us at camp and therefore over indulging or restricting of food intake is something that should not occur. Please come intent on making healthy choices with the food provided.

2. Participation in Camp Program -- There will be a brief sharing time each morning, following breakfast. In addition, we encourage each of you to have your own quiet time, so that you will have the spiritual strength to face the demands placed upon you daily. Each staff member is encouraged to attend Chapel whenever possible during Family Camp and Jr. And Sr. Youth Camps, and to participate in events arranged for the staff with a positive attitude, understanding that their experience is based on how much effort they contribute in each case. Staff Chapel will be arranged many times during the summer and all staff are expected to attend and encouraged to take part whenever appropriate.

3. Music -- You may listen to your Radio/Players in your rooms, only if you play them at an acceptable level (we ask that you not bring powerful speakers with your radio/players in consideration of your dorm mates and the guests). However, radios/players with or without earphones will not be allowed on the grounds outside of your room. (This includes your specific work areas.)

4. Health -- Any special medication will be your responsibility, and you must come prepared with your prescriptions and other medications you require on an ongoing basis.

Illness or accident must be reported to your supervisor and appropriate actions will be taken. Recovery from any extended sickness or injury must take place at home and guardians will be contacted in such cases right away to make arrangements. The welfare of the staff will be placed ahead of their summer employment and in some cases an injured staff  may not be able to return to camp (eg. concussion) at the discretion of the General Director.

During your tenure at JOY on staff we ask that energy drinks be avoided at all times. There will be a camp nurse available during children's camps. You must submit an online health form completed and signed to camp on or before your arrival. We are required to keep this on record for you.

5. Curfew –You will be required to be in your room by 10:00 p.m. Your personal devotion time is suggested as 10:30 – 11:00 p.m. each evening, unless altered for special circumstances. Your workday starts at 7:20 a.m. each morning, and in order for you to get sufficient sleep you must be in your beds, with the lights out and quiet by 11:00 p.m. NOTE: This is required by all staff on campgrounds including those exercising their days off. No exceptions. Accountability for this is not just to Full-time Sr. Staff but also to supervisors and other staff members. Lights out means all light sources, including phones or other electronic devices.

6. Relationships -- Your relationship with staff members and campers of the opposite sex is of particular concern to us. We do not want to discourage wholesome relationships, but would ask you to refrain from any physical contact with your Boy/Girl friend, remembering that you are here to serve everyone and to be an example to those who are here as guests during the summer. We will not accept inappropriate conduct which includes being alone together as a couple at anytime, showing physical affection such as kissing and cuddling, segregation from staff programming in favour of time alone as a couple and so on.

7. Personal Appearance -- Cleanliness and neatness are expected at all times. No bare feet or cut-off shorts/shirts or bathing suits are allowed in the dining room. Scripture instructs us to dress with modesty; therefore revealing bathing suits, short shorts, low-cut pants, “yoga pants” or other skin tight pants, exposed boxers, short mini-skirts, tight tops and revealing tank tops will not be acceptable attire. During your 10-week stay at Joy Bible Camp, please refrain from body/hair alterations, i.e., ear/body piercing, hair colouring/style changing, tattoos etc.

8. Personal Equipment -- We recommend that all staff take the summer as an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord thus distancing themselves from outside distractions. T.V.’s, and video games are not allowed in the dorms. Other electronic equipment is not recommended and as much as we’d hope otherwise, things do go missing from time to time so it’s best that these valuable items stay at home for the summer.

Networked Devices

Laptops/Notebooks/Tablets are needed tools for some Program Staff positions. Our hope and expectations are that mobile devices such as Itouch, Ipads, Iphones, Androids, all devices that either use the internet or a mobile network will only be used during daytime breaks. This means during staff events, work times and after curfew they will be avoided. In addition, streaming media, movies, youtube clips and so on will discouraged as part of the desired experience of coming apart from the world for the term of the summer and placing our focus on our relationship with God and those around us at camp. We expect that each staff member can understand the value of these guidelines about devices, however if it becomes apparent that they are not voluntarily being followed, stricter boundaries will be put in place which may require them being sent home or otherwise made unavailable.

As in any employment situation, guidelines are in place in insuring that the employee's duties are carried out in a satisfactory manner. We want you to conduct yourself in such a way as to be a credit to Joy Bible Camp and honouring to the Lord Jesus Christ. Although we anticipate your full co-operation in following the regulations set out above, we must advise you that failure to abide by them will result in discipline in the form of loss of privileges, more stringent regulations applied individually, and the possibility of dismissal. Always remember that your conduct now could reflect future employment and personal recommendations.


Your children’s safety is of utmost importance to us and we have established guidelines and regulations to ensure their safety while under our care. Experience in the past would dictate that an 18 year old staff member may think they don’t fall under the same “rules” as a 15 year old staff member. We feel it important to say that all staff, regardless of age or position, fall under the same guidelines and authority. 

JBC Summer Staff “What to Bring”

The following is a list of items you are asked to bring to Camp with you:

1. Bible – your favourite translation, or two!

2. Bedding: Sheets for a single bed, blanket and a pillow (sleeping bag if desired). Most prefer regular bedding for this length of time.

3. Towels and Wash Cloths

4. Toiletries: Deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, your own medication, Tylenol, bandaids, etc.

5. Bathing Suit and Beach Towel

6. Alarm Clock

7. Stationary, Stamps and a Bell Payphone Calling Card

8. Clothes to suit all seasons -- from very hot to cool weather. i.e. rubber boots, raincoat, umbrella, warmer outer wear, etc.

9. Dining Room & Kitchen Staff: are expected to have a clean pair of closed-toed shoes reserved for duty suitable for wearing on slippery surfaces. (Crocks and flip-flops are not suitable footwear while on duty) KITCHEN: plain T-shirts (unprinted, no cut offs), and khaki shorts. DINING ROOM: plain T-shirts (unprinted, no tank tops), khaki shorts. Shorts should be similar to cargo shorts in length where they come down past mid-thigh. Aprons are provided.

Eg. Ladies Shorts 7-inch Khaki Shorts, Mens Shorts 10" Mens Khaki Shorts, Men's Cargo Shorts Men's Cargo Shorts

10. Tuck Shop Staff: Must have a neat appearance while on duty. Baggy clothing and cut-offs will not be allowed. Aprons and hats will be provided. Closed toed shoes are required.

11. Maintenance Staff: Because of safety regulations, please bring one pair of steel-toed work boots or shoes for grass cutting, piling wood and other related jobs. Also, please bring suitable work clothes (ie. pants, shorts and t-shirts) for dirty jobs and a pair of rubber boots. Work mitts will be issued to you at Camp. You will be working outside most days so a pair of sunglasses may be beneficial for you to bring along. A ball cap will be provided.

12. Waterfront Staff: Please bring a copy of all your qualifications for our records. Health Regulations require that we have them on file. An on-duty guard shirt will be provided for while you are working, to be returned again at the end of the season. Bring modest swim wear for on duty, one-piece only for the ladies. A wet suit can be useful at times as well.

13. ALL Staff: The camp will supply one staff t-shirt which is to be worn on designated days and times along with a staff baseball hat.

14. Laundry Basket: for your own laundry use along with specific detergent if necessary (standard detergent is supplied)

The Staff have many planned activities. We want you to feel confident in contributing whatever you can to these activities. We believe that what you put into your time here at JOY is what you will receive from it.

An important element of our staff time together is music. If you play a musical instrument, please bring it with you.

We are looking forward to the summer! Be excited with us, and please don’t hesitate to contact us at the main office for any reason.

David Belch

Joy Bible Camp - Executive Director



By signing below, you acknowledge the guidelines of employment and accept them fully.